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A Resource For Companion Planting

This resource for companion planting is a gathering of B. Santifer's research & observations.

I've an extensive list of amendments coming for 2012 after a summer of additional research & observation of ecology! Please check back in & share your support for

Making only the most of our harvest seasons,

- Be -

Urban Food Projects

Urban Food Projects

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Why read this blog?

In short:

Following this blog will enable solutions to bringing food closer to home!

I've spent these past 3years researching sustainable food systems. (Perhaps more appropriate saying these 3 years have been spent understanding our worlds currently unsustainable food production system)

Spent a dozen years before that in commercial kitchens

Now, passed through 48 kitchens as full time, on call & consult.

I bring to your this venture to making dinner like Granny once had!

So... What shall you be reading about?

-food sovereignty
______(You can eat sans mad transport & industrial inputs)
-creating community commensality
______(eat family style with your neighbors!)
-child nutrition
______(tips & tricks learned & those shared with me, protect your child!)
-sustainable foods
______(knowing your food's sourcing & knowing it can continue)
-food justice
______(Did you know there is still slavery in your pantry???)
-urban farming
______(we can grow so much so close! We are taking it for granted!)
-alternative food procurement, processing, & preserving
-canning, drying, & fermenting
-Foraged FOODS
-realities of our new world food system...

So, What does this mean?

As you check in with - cHEF Be - you will hear about the solutions to bringing our food system closer to home, what obstacles we must over come, the horrid realities of our modern industrial food system, the helpful hints on how to grow more food close to our homes, & the helpful hints on how to avoid the unnaturally produced foods that often find their way to our family's tables from thousands of miles away!
{that well traveled food should be on other nation's tables!}

In good time I too will make this page all sexy & such with cool tools, helpful links,in text links, book lists, recipe links, & movie roles.

Until when, please continue checking in & help in bringing you & your families meals closer to what Granny might have place on the table!

Have fun & Stay well,

-cHEF Be -


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Films on Food ( Please share your foodie film knowledge )

So, Here it is.

A list of food films to be edited, expanded, commented upon &...

Last updated 01/28/2012
[Please send in your synopses of these films for future organization of this thorough compilation of food film.]

Food Movies:

(Ron) Urban Homesteading?
? Crazy Sexy cancer?
“Nourish: food + community”
37 Uses for a Dead Sheep
A Community of Gardeners By Cintia Cabib
Against the Grain
American Beer
American Dream
American Fair
American Farm
American Harvest
Asparagus! (A Stalk-umentary)
Back to the Land...Again
Beer Wars
Big River (A king Corn Companion)
Big Spuds, Little Spuds
Big Sugar
Bitter Harvest?
Black Gold
Blood OF the Beasts
Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture and the New American Farmer
Brookford Almanac
Bulls*** (*)
Buyer Be Fair
Challenging Impossibility
Chow Down Gage Johnston & Andrew Lipton
Chris Bedford's new film "Getting Real about Food & the Future"
Chulas Fronteras
Coca Cola Kid
Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
Controling Our Food ("The World According To Monsanto")
Corner In Wheat
Corporate Agriculture: The Hollow Men/Alternative Agriculture: Food for Life (CBC)
Darwin's Nightmare
Death on A Factory Farm
Diet Wars
Dispatches: Supermarket Secrets
Dispatches: The Supermarket That's Eating (Britian
DIVE!DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste
Eat At Bill's
Fast Food Nation
Fast Food Women
Food Fight
Food For Change
Food For The Future
Food For Thought
Food INC
Food Matters
Forks Over Knives
From THe Ground Up
Fuel (bio-fuels argument)
Garbage! The Rovolution Starts at Home
Genetic Time Bomb
GMOs & the Changing Face of Agriculture Series
Good Food: Sustainable Food and Farming in the NorthWest
Growing Awareness
Growing Change: A Journey Inside Venezuela's Food Revolution Simon Cunich
Grown IN Detroit
Hamburger America
Harvest of Fear (NOVA/Frontline)
Home Grown
Hot Potatoes
How to Get Fat Without Really Trying Peter Jennings
How To Save The World: One Man, One Cow, One Planet
In Organic We Trust
In Search of Good Food
In The Poison of the Pampas
In The Same Boat
Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
Killer At Large
King Corn
Know Your Mushrooms
Le sang des bĂȘtes (a.k.a. Blood of the Beasts)
Les glaneurs et la glaneuse
Life and Debt
Living on the Wedge: Wisconsin's Artisan Cheesemakers
Lunch Line (The Movie)
Mad City Chickens
Meat The Future
Media That Maters: Good Food Jim Hightower as host
Modern Meat
Mumford Farms
Nature: Silence of the Bees
Nourish: Food + Community
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's
one man one cow one planet
Our Daily Bread
Pig Business
Playing with Poison
Polycultures: Food Where we live
Queen of the Sun
Rancho California (Por Favor) *
Red Persimmons
Regenerative Agriculture
Ripe For Change
Robert Fortune: The Tea Thief
Slow Food Revolution
Smokestack Lightning
Still, The Children Are Here
Store Wars
Strong Roots,Fragile Farms
Super Size me
SuperMarkets Inc (CNBC?)
Supper Deconstructed
Sustainable Table: What's On Your Plate?
Terminator Tomatoes
The Chicken Stampede
The Cove
The Dying Fields
The Economics of Happiness Helena Norberg Hodge
The End of the Line
The Farmers Wife
The Future of Food
The Gleaners and I
The Global Banquet: Politics of Food
The GMO Film Project
The Golbal Banquet: Politics of Food
The Grange Fair: An American Tradition
The Meaning of Food (PBS)
The Natural History of the Chicken (PBS)
The Organic Opportunity (CHris Bedford)
The Persuaders (Frontline)
The Price of Aid
The Price of Sugar
The Real Dirt on Farmer John
The Soil Solution
The Vanishing of the Bees
The Weight of Obesity...A Balanced Reality
The Wheat Movie
The World According to Monsanto
Think Twice
To Market TO Market to Buy a Fat Pig
Trade Secrets" A Moyers Report (PBS)
Truck Farm
Two Angry Mom's (Food Fight)
Urban Agriculture on the Move
Urban Roots (Detroit Farms..)
Vanishing of the Bees
Victims of Cheap Coffee
Wal-Mart Nation
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
We Feed The World
West Philly Grown
What WIll We Eat (a film by Chris Bedford?)
What Will We Eat?
What's For Dinner?


Dispatches: The Supermarket That's Eating (Britian
Meat the

IN ORGANIC WE TRUST is a feature documentary created by a group of award-winning filmmakers.

We’re looking for a passionate self-starter and food-loving dynamo to join our little farm to help

us wrap up post-production and launch an outreach campaign.

'Growing Change' by Australian filmmaker Simon Cunich, A Journey Inside Venezuela's Food


documentary by Rachel Bower - "In The Same Boat" - which draws connections between fishing and

farming, and a fading way of life

DIVE!DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste

Nourish Short Films: 54 Bite-Sized Videos about the Story of Your Food DVD.

one man one cow one planet

Bertram Verhaag’s scenically beautiful film, Science Under Attack, is one of several he produced

on biotechnology. (Also see David vs Monsanto, Seeds and Seed Multinationals, and Life Running out

of Control.) In Science Under Attack, he interviews scientists whose careers were ruined because

they published studies warning of health dangers from genetically modified crops. From smaller

brain size in rats fed biotech food, to lowered immunity, organ damage, and infertility, the

information is suppressed by the biotech industry and governments beholden to it.

In The Poison of the Pampas, a 22-minute news report by journalist Rolando Grana, broadcast in

Argentina in April of last year,


This list is compiled & updated by B. Santifer R. at the below blog address.

Bodega Down Bronx

shorts: EATING FOR THE DEAD, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, GREENHORNS,DIG THE EARTH, The Meatrix, with these hands, The Bitter Aftertaste, Gefilte Fish, "We Become Silent",

youtube:"SuperMarket Secrets", "The Cycle of Insanity The Real Story of Water"



The Water Front

Liquid Assets

*Blue Gold


* "The Cycle of Insanity The Real Story of Water"


Magnificent Fish, Forgotten Giants

The Cove

When the Salmon Run Dry

One More Dead Fish

Heading for Shore

River of Renewal

Echo of Water Against Rocks

Foodie Film:


Like water for chocolate

The Dinner

Babette's Feast

The Big Night

When Do We Eat?

A Chef in Love


Eat Drink Man Woman

Soul Food

Soylent Green

Starving Artists' Cookbook

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've been distracted with planting & foraging...

Good Day all,

I've yet to forget about you!

Still working hard on planning several Food Conferences & just returned from one in Missoula MT.

I've been delightfully distracted for this past month breaking ground on numerous food projects including a really fun project utilizing my small urban footprint as An Urban Food Project.

So, please check back in I will so be back online...

Spring is here, go gather greens & forage morels!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Today in celebration of my Mother's birthday...An umbrella to pursue dreams!

{Please leave your comments, expand these concepts, correct & create!}

Yes, Today is my Mother's day of birth. It too happens to be the most widely celebrated day of gifting. If Thanksgiving has become thankstaking, or perhaps a thankful celebration of the gifts from the earth for us to gluttonously & ravenously ingest then digest as we try to fight turkey induced sleep in front of the big screen with team red & team blue running from one side to the other...

Christmas is indeed the day for Thankfully giving!

So, Today I've decided to begin giving much of what I have!!!

thoughts,ideas,concepts,ventures,adventures in design,investments & inventions!

I've long kept a journal of "business ideas & inventions"
(an umbrella to pursue dreams)

I arrived in Portland 3years ago & told myself after 3years I would settle in & begin fully pursuing my ventures once more...

After Rolling across this country dumpster diving & beginning my food stamp thriving daily dream life.
I was telling a friend of how I've bought near zero new items since I left my distorted days of Fortune magazine reading & Italian shoes shopping 3 years ago.
I was telling of how much my schtuff is now wearing out. This friend responded by stating simply "give stuff away", new stuff will come.

So in this spirit of giving... ... ...

I've decided my favorite way to do this at present is begin by giving ideas!

So, with no further ado, my first idea? ?Dream?
{share it borrow it change it create it help create it make it happen!}

Community Gardens!

Yes, I know what your thinking. That sounds quite antiquated...

Though, perhaps "Community Gardens" as we know them is the antiquated idea.

First the issues present in the current manifestation of "Community Gardens"

Gardens are what began our urban sprawl so many moons ago.
Man arrives in fertile valley, builds a house & plants a garden, neighbor moves in & does the same.
new neighbor comes in builds a house & plants a garden then carves a road to the other two. Look around you, you get an idea of where we've come.

Our cities were created by many people taking over land & claiming it as their own space. We can better share this space & all prosper!

-"community gardens" are placed on some of the least utilized land around.
This land is often under utilized for reasons of design. It is private parking, particularly noisy parcels, out of the way of public transit, previous sites of polluting industry, people must travel too far to tend it & on & on...

-These "community gardens" are generally divided into individual plots
Once again partitioning community!

-These community gardens often consist of virtually a singular micro climate.
Yet, We try growing everything. Being jaded by only marginal success when most everything we want to try growing will better flourish when more properly placed.
Proportionally spread throughout the broader neighborhood instead of being pushed into a hidden parcel.


Dispersed microplot gardening!

Your Community Can Be Your Garden!

So, The concept is that our communities should indeed BE our community gardens!!!

Many of us have front back & side yards we spend countless dollars hiring others to maintain. Some even feel obliged to spend their scant free time beyond the 8-6 sodding, fertilizing, aerating, edging, mowing & ?weeding?!?


In overcoming all these issues & costs in maintaining land near our homes we form a gardening collective. "Community Gardening"

We embrace the unique micro climate of each & every dispersed micro plot near our homes, businesses, telephone poles, fire hydrants, drainage ditches, & yes, Still the "community gardens".

We plant window boxes, containerize fruit trees, place portable palletized garden beds & hang baskets.

In super urban areas we plant rooftops, raise flag pole plantings, install strawberry pipes on freeway supports, engineer ferris wheeling plants in buckets & always put out another potted plant.

We can start seeds inside our homes & disperse them come spring!

There is so much we can grow with even the simplest of synergy.

Ask your neighbor if they enjoy paying to mow their lawn or if they might prefer you help care for their land & share the abundant harvest!

So many spaces can be planted. Potted plants put into place. portable Palatized planters & more!

So, simply put
The solution is planting exceptionally function plants EVERYWHERE!

Further breaking down this solution:

-communicate with your neighbors!
I reckon "neighborly" is adjective for good reason!

-utilize all available space for what it can grow!
Everywhere has a microclimate that a particular plant will thrive within!

-Plant only what grows best at your location
Since you've been "neighborly" you have plenty to share with your neigbors & they too share from their unique microclimates.
{imagine you have a side yard getting less light, okay.. Potatoes it is.
your neighbor has a front lawn getting scorched, okay.. tomatoes it is.
your neighbor has a back porch for entertaining, okay.. herbs it shall be.}

-Observe your private planting, select what is growing best & share your abundance!

Recapping The Two Key Steps

Through utilizing each micro plots micro climate; we create abundance by allowing nature to specialize & growing what grows best.
Through "neighboring" we create an environment for sharing the abundance our micro plot produces & too experience providing & being provided for by our community.
We then allow each specifically planted micro plot to contribute to the grander

So, Once again in closing...

We plant small plots & pots all over the place &

view our community as the garden!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What gives life.


These are what fuel this world.

Where does food come from?

well, it was once a mixture of these...


All is created near home.

Where does food come from?
[maybe isle 6?]
[perhaps isle 5?]
[then again, just past isle 4 is where..
WAIT, what's it about all these isles?

Where has food gone?

Have we forgotten from where food comes?

Invention took seed & industry took over.

Invention took over & Innovation will take us further...

Now is always the time to respect the groundwork we & those before us are building & continue toINVENT!

So, until we have innovation to share..

Look back to seed & learn from growth!

Share with me how we simplify!???!

How can we grow from what grows?

These are what fuel our world!