Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I find my Mecca

So, here I am in Portland Oregon. A city which boasts of its progressive food culture; more eateries per capita than Paris, France. More breweries than any city in the world..

I've come to view this lush green place as "A Botanist's Wet Dream".
Imagine how conducive 7months of grey drizzle are to snuggling up with a micro brew, sipping a locally roasted cup of bean juice, nibbling an artisan crafted hazelnut chocolate, or for that matter... munching on most anything that can be munched under the banner of Localvore holding comfort in gustatory delight as self care.

What a god send for me to have arrived here. Upon my check engine light blaring back at me, I told myself "I will pass 3 years in the PDX before digging in." I had little desire to immediately become a carpet-bagger in a city who's sends many more packing than it swallows up with it's amazing taste for bohemian culture embraced as the grey drizzle descends with no hasty exit. [ read: America's Bourgeoisie proletariat, the lost middle class, is finding home in Portland, Oregon. ]

Since doing time in America's Natural Foods Grocer & the hatching & nursing of a corporate restaurant franchise, I've been in search of a more real existence.
I've settled into what I've come to consider a "bastion of like-mindedness".

Portland, Oregon.

Here, growing my understanding of who my neighbors are, who my neighbors can be, where our food can come from, & how to create community with these understandings is helping me now feel well rooted.

I've had doors opened to me that have allowed for condoning or even cultivating, what before I could only describe as, my food neurosis.

I've been embraced by community where beliefs of: A community garden BEING your community amp; A Community Garden not merely being a forgotten piece of errant land under utilized & being reborn with the vigor of lost tomato plants but a concept to weave into our sustainable existence.

Portlanders want to grow their food!

Well, My three years of coy observation is coming to a close & I'm now still here to act & spread roots!

Remember to check in with & share with me as I share this story of: How Portland & this moment has allowed not only to accept ?foodcentric neurosis? but embrace it as creating a community environment ripening to give back its surplus.

This may even,


Help me succeed in achieving my real story board of:

a "simple" homestead B&B?
[read: Stay with, & learn this way to idealizing our un-sustainable food system]

or... as I might rather view it:

Saving the World by cultivating family commensality! }

I'm hoping to bring you along with, from 7 year old brown sugar delight to 27 year old idealist cross pollinating ideas & action as ?food activist?
I cringe as I still use "food activist".

Is "food activist" really even a role?

I feel it a survivalist obligation.
After all, FOOD, aside from community, FOOD IS OUR ONLY NECESSITY!

How are you helping ensure you & yours are nourished?

Until next time, Keep on smilin,

cHEF -Be-


  1. I'm hoping to continue posting how I'm here & where we must go to reach a sustainable food system.

    Have fun & Stay well,

    - b

  2. P.S. (tis awkward introducing myself, though hoping I will do so.

    Then, continue spoon feeding you my pursuit of a sustainable food system


    much which I've learned & I'm learning along this path.

    - b