Friday, December 4, 2009

Yes, Nearly finished talking about me, then on to more food!

On second thought, I'm thinking telling more of my story of how I got here will come with time, &/or be added to my profile...

So, Managed to spend these past two hours baking after midnight.
It's now 2AM.

It is not my intention to become a source for recipes.

In fact, I would delight if your visits here push you away from recipes & towards a closer relationship with creating from soil to spoon that which nourishes you.

Though, tonight I felt the need to ?relax? by playing in the kitchen.

feeling the relaxation part has further to go. Might need to finish snacking on a muffin with a hot cup of tea & then cozy to this relaxation before dream state takes over.

So, It's late.


I always find playtime in the kitchen notably zen.

just committed myself to eating quick bread for a few.

created 3 varieties of zucchini quick bread:
-ginger lemon w/ lavender cream spread
-cherry orange w/ a surprise kick of rosemary
-classic muffins w/ crumbly tops

So, No.

I'm not generally up at 2AM baking..
I'm however no stranger to late night food play.

Quite often awake come 2AM feeling full from feast or relaxing with a cup o'...

Yes, I've come to feel a manifestation of culinary gluttony can truly play a role in self care.
-cast iron fried red potatoes topped w/ a quick fried Organic egg
-oatmeal w/ almond meal & drizzled w/ grade B maple syrup
-scramble w/ wild foraged mushrooms & a generous taste of locally cured bacon
& tonight, zucchini bread w/ candied bits n pieces>(ginger/lemon & cherry/orange)

This is my comfort zone, how I feed myself when few are watching.

So, Tonight I whipped together a batch of zucchini bread at midnight.

all to maintain my sanity...

Meh, It's fun. It will be tasty at a Saturday Potluck, it's always an experiment!

I'm still sifting what it is I really care to share here with you...

Though I feel my food ventures will keep some of you coming back.

A taste for what has been on my mind this week:

-Are seeds more nutrient dense than the fruit meant to nurse these seeds?
-seems 1oz pumpkin seeds nearly holds the punch of nearly 3cups pumpkin meat...
-funny most of these nutrient packed seeds are scooped to trash or compost.

-In place of cranberries Should we be eating more lingon berries?
-during harvest flooding cranberries might use a glut of water>>>
-cranberries too depend on un-sustainably harvested peat for production>>>

-How can I grow more food near my home?
-I walk past South facing garden beds over run w/ voracious ornamental plants.
-Wow, How amazing it will be tending micro plot gardens on my way to n fro!
-These same garden beds filling out w/ "invasive species" can grow food!
-every garden bed has a workable micro climate & shadows walking near.

So, these are my daily quandries. {Community Food Sovereignty}
-How to produce more food close to home?
-How to most ethically & cost effectively purchase that being grown by others?
-How much nutrition am I getting from what I choose to call food?
-How can I play with this food diversifying my nourishing creations?

*Disclaimer this is not a recipe. merely an ingredient list* CREATE!

What happens when finding a 3# bag of zucchini for sale for $1 at a produce stand...

-~6 cups Organic whole wheat flour (a blend of pastry & all purpose)
-~2 cups Organic brown cane sugar
- 7 medium Organically Humanely produced eggs
- 5 cups shredded zucchini
- 1 cup expeller pressed canola (what else can I use?)
- 1 cup apple sauce (local & chunky! Yum)
- 1 cup bakers sugar
- a handful of candied:ginger, rind of orange/lemon & dried sweet cherries
- 3 teaspoons baking soda
- 3 teaspoons baking powder (What about this aluminum in our food?)
- 1 teaspoon fine sea salt ( I ran out, probably could have used 2 or 3tsp)
* a dash of Mexican vanilla extract (from my guerrilla foods grocery)
* a dash of ?"natural"? Almond extract
* 1 teaspoon finely minced rosemary

crumbly topping: (to be edited later today, tis late!)

lavender cream cheese spread: (to be edited later today, tis late!)

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  1. I'm hoping to return to these posts to add links to pertinent concerns about the sustainability of our food!

    I too hope to eventually sculpt this blog into alternating unsustainable food system reality & idealistic pursuit of solutions for our future food system!

    Thanks for stayin' with me,

    cHEF - Be -